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Papers on socio-political subjects

Status of international development finance and need for adjustments

Does the structure of international development finance correspond to the global challenges of our time? The paper Peter Bauer Foreign aid forever critical reflections on a myth of our time 50 years later later summarises the evolution of international development aid during the last 50 years, the results it has produced, the problems the competing Chinese and the Western development finance approaches are presently facing  and what reforms could make international development finance more responsive to today’s global challenges.

International Migration: UN Global Migration Compact

Europe has no choice but to accept increased immigration from developing countries, especially Africa .European countries must define an immigration policy and establish collaboration with developing countries on promoting legal migration and restricting illegal /irregular economic migration. The paper UN Migration Pact an evaluation of its controversy analyses to what extent the Compact isl ikely to promote such mutually beneficial collaboration.

The Freedom of Expression Dilemma: The Outcome of Unrestricted Press Freedom in Denmark from 1770-73 mirrors the modern Social Media Debate

On 1772, to the cheers of the crowd, H.S.Struensee’s head was chopped off on the public scaffold and his body torn apart. His dismembered body parts were placed on a wheel put on top of a more than three meters high post and left there for a month.  That was the brutal end of his one-and-a-half year long reform drive to introduce enlightened monarchy in Denmark. It included the introduction in 1771 of unrestricted freedom of the press for the first time in the world.  The outcome of that social communication experiment shows amazing parallels with posts on social media platforms and the regulatory debate about where the value of unrestricted freedom of expression on the internet ends and harmful aspects take over. Read the paper The remarkable similarity between the history of press freedom in Denmark from 1770 ver 2

Migration driven by relative poverty: a challenge without real solutions

The EU asylum system has failed. Everybody agrees on that. But there is no agreement on how to reform it.  What we witness is hypocrathy: formal acceptance of rules defined by international law; and de facto circumvention of thse. It’s complicated. Read the paper “Poverty migration a challenge without real solutions.