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Evaluation Reports

Evaluation of Policy Changes on Energy Efficiency Improvements: Experience of Denmark

The World Bank attempted to identify via country-specific analyses to identify EE-policy measures that had a demonstrated quantitative impact on EE. The report Development in Danish Energy Efficiency from 1990 to 2007 was a contribution to that effort.

Worldwide Experiences with Rural Electrification Funds

The report for EUEI-PDF “Comparative Analysis of Experiences with Rural Electrification Funds, Lessons for Africa” from 2008 is the first comparison of Rural Electrification Funds worldwide.  (Due to budget contraints the collection of basic data was not finalised, therefore one will see voids in the tables and in the text)

Energy Restructuring Group, Poland

The evaluation of the PHARE/USAID/British Know-How Fund/World Bank financed “Poland Energy Restruring Group” provides a fascinating piece of political-economic history: technical assistance to the transformation of the energy sector in Poland from 1993-94.

Power Sector Restructuring, Latvia

Another example, see “Divestments and Joint Ventures in Power Sector Restructuring. The Case of Energoremonts”, is the experience of the divestment of the Repair and Maintenance Division of the Latvian State Power Company into a joint venture with ADB in 1994.

Community-owned Micro-Hydro Power Plants

The “Lessons from Village-Owned Micro-Hydro Power Projects in Nepal” are that success in this area is a matter social engineering more than anything else.

Household Energy Supply & Demand Side Actions, Niger

Household energy projects are notoriously difficult. Yet, as this mid-term evaluation from 1992 of the World Bank’s “Niger Household Energy 2” project shows, success stories exist, when the design is well-done and implented.

Private finance for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

A mid-term evaluation commissioned by UNEP analyses the failed attempt at establishing an equity and mezzanine finance fund drawing in private finance and finance from development banks.

Promotion of renewable energy in rural Nepal

NORAD comissioned the mid-term review of highly successful multi-donor financed activities of the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC).