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Climate Policy

Theory and Practice of Carbon Pricing: Observations from three Emission Trading Systems (ETS)

The paper ”Theory and practice of carbon pricing observations from three emission trading systems gives a short introduction to the theory of carbon pricing and looks at the design features and experiences of three carbon trading systems: the EU-Emission Trading System (ETS), Korea’s ETS and the Chinese national ETS and provincial pilot ETS.  The paper is a contribution to a report to be published by VIET, the leading Vietnamese think tank on energy and climate policy.

Integrating Climate Issues in Energy Policy

The paper “Integrating Climate Issues in Energy Policy” was presented at an inter-ministerial seminar organised by the Government of Colombia in Bogota in June 2008.


The report for the Danish Energy Authority “CDM Opportunities for Danish Industry”, Guide for private industry” from 2004 gave an early review of the issues and options in CDM for potentially interested industrial investors.